Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oculus Movie Review:

I rented this movie via RedBox lastnight. First of all this movie was made by W.W.E. Studios,(World Wrestling Entertainment),which #1.)I didn't even know that W.W.E. made films and #2.)This was a sort of warning right there of adding a very possible cheesy crap factor to the film having been made by them. That being said: To begin with,you have no idea what in the hell is going on in the sequencing, it's so confusing with all of the flash-backs constantly going back and forth from past to the present. Which you don't understand at first because of how poorly they went about it. The lead female actress played by Karen Gillan (the sister) was so absolutely annoying with how fast she spoke, and I just wanted to brush her humongous bangs down and out of her face! The story itself is simple: The mirror possesses whomever owns it, and a family buys it for their home, and they all go haywire. The story like I said, has a simple premise, but they for some reason just had to complicate the story and create a giant build-up to a very predictable ending. And the ending was SO abrupt, that when it goes right to the credits it leaves you saying "WHAT?... THAT'S ALL?!"...Absolute garbage and complete trite, is exactly the best way to describe this film. It shouldn't surprise Me that because W.W.E. studios made it,that it's a piece of garbage, but for some reason,I'm surprised the writer even got them to make this movie! I've seen better cheesy 80's horror flicks I'd rather watch over and over again. Save your $1.20 at the RedBox,I'm more than sorry I wasted Mine on this piece of crap!!!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


-Ouija Board Awareness-

Most people think it's just a game,and feel the exciting thrill of picking up a Ouija Board and trying it out with friends. You set the scene,light candles for an ominous vibe and turn off all the lights and then begin to conjure up and channel some spirits with your friends. It's all innocent fun right? Think again!!! While you can buy a Ouija Board in stores still to this day, I certainly wouldn't advise it! It's this ignorance about the Ouija that makes it a dangerous weapon, against those who use it. Even when you intend to channel a loved one who has passed and want to make contact with the other side, think twice, because malevolent spirits can quickly take control and mask themselves as your dearly departed! I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people having this problem... And it DOES happen! They use the Ouija think they are speaking to a loved one or friend who has passed and then something terrible happens and dangerous spirits actually break out of the Ouija once summoned, playing tricks on the unsuspecting particiapants and wreck havoc and chaos on their lives. But it's just a game right... WRONG! Even a close friend of Mine who happened to be a priest was asked by a friend to "play" ouija, and as he himself thought it was just a game as well,so he encouraged the friend to bring it by and when used the Ouija board acutually spelled out "Cannot Speak Now, Must Go" (being that this spirit knew it was a priest it was dealing with!) And after that, My priest friend had some unexplained dangers that happened to him and the house-keeper that cleaned the rectory. Glass broke in a very strange way on the house-keeper causing her to bleed and become injured, and the garage door came down upon My priest friend nearly killing him! After all of these occurances he knew it was NOT something to be messed with. He told Me of this experience and said that from then on, he had told people to stay clear of those boards! Many incidents can occur: Injuries,Possession,
Dangerous Hauntings and corruption to one's home and loved ones. This is why I try to educate others and sincerely warn them against using these boards or similar things to them! You have absolutely NO idea what your getting into!!!! The dangers are there for everyone, however the most easily influenced to use them are of course teenagers. I can't tell you how many countless times I have had teenage kids tell Me they got themselves into some major trouble using a ouija board! It's like a broken record "We just thought it would be fun, and wanted to try it"... And then they regret that they ever had. But it's not just limited to teenagers, adults and even younger kids are guilty of trying it out.Some of My family members have tried it. When My Mom was younger she and My Grandma had a Ouija Board and My Mom's friend came over, and when her friend asked the board what her Grandmother's name was, (My Mom and Grandma had NO idea what it was!), the board answered the correct name, scaring the crap out of My Mom enough to where she would never dabble with it again! This is of course only a small sampling of what the board and the spirits are capable of. Do not be fooled! As I have said, the spirits can be extremely malicious and mask themselves as your friends and loved ones! This is why I try to educate especially the younger generations of it's dangers. PLEASE be aware of this before running out and purchasing a board, or using one with someone else at anyone's suggestion! Be safe and educate yourself and others!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome To O'Toole's Occult

I am a scholar of the supernatural,and have been given special gifts.
My goal is to bring awareness of the occult and paranormal to help aid and educate others,as a teacher of 
Occult Awareness. We live in a world full of the unknown,which many people choose to stay ignorant to because they refuse to learn about something they are afraid of. But the truth is until we take the time to learn about them,then we can change our view point. The world of the supernatural chose Me at a very early age,and I have been working to try to bring much more awareness to others in hopes to shine new light on this subject. It's time to educate and help people understand what it's all about,and by doing so no longer remaining ignorant to it. I will be discussing many different subjects here,some serious,and fun as well. I'm looking forward to others views and discussion.