Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome To O'Toole's Occult

I am a scholar of the supernatural,and have been given special gifts.
My goal is to bring awareness of the occult and paranormal to help aid and educate others,as a teacher of 
Occult Awareness. We live in a world full of the unknown,which many people choose to stay ignorant to because they refuse to learn about something they are afraid of. But the truth is until we take the time to learn about them,then we can change our view point. The world of the supernatural chose Me at a very early age,and I have been working to try to bring much more awareness to others in hopes to shine new light on this subject. It's time to educate and help people understand what it's all about,and by doing so no longer remaining ignorant to it. I will be discussing many different subjects here,some serious,and fun as well. I'm looking forward to others views and discussion. 

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