Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oculus Movie Review:

I rented this movie via RedBox lastnight. First of all this movie was made by W.W.E. Studios,(World Wrestling Entertainment),which #1.)I didn't even know that W.W.E. made films and #2.)This was a sort of warning right there of adding a very possible cheesy crap factor to the film having been made by them. That being said: To begin with,you have no idea what in the hell is going on in the sequencing, it's so confusing with all of the flash-backs constantly going back and forth from past to the present. Which you don't understand at first because of how poorly they went about it. The lead female actress played by Karen Gillan (the sister) was so absolutely annoying with how fast she spoke, and I just wanted to brush her humongous bangs down and out of her face! The story itself is simple: The mirror possesses whomever owns it, and a family buys it for their home, and they all go haywire. The story like I said, has a simple premise, but they for some reason just had to complicate the story and create a giant build-up to a very predictable ending. And the ending was SO abrupt, that when it goes right to the credits it leaves you saying "WHAT?... THAT'S ALL?!"...Absolute garbage and complete trite, is exactly the best way to describe this film. It shouldn't surprise Me that because W.W.E. studios made it,that it's a piece of garbage, but for some reason,I'm surprised the writer even got them to make this movie! I've seen better cheesy 80's horror flicks I'd rather watch over and over again. Save your $1.20 at the RedBox,I'm more than sorry I wasted Mine on this piece of crap!!!


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